• Cropscience Bytrade strives to be a reliable partner in ensuring increased agricultural productivity of healthier crops and better yield.
  • Field Visit and Demonstration Bytrade with our partners, is a company geared at making sure that the farmers are exposed to new and better ways of farming by carrying out demonstration of our Hybrid maize seeds (Pioneer) and different agrochemicals. During field days farmers witness and appreciate the differences in quality our products provide.
  • Poultry we have a good range of products, which includes products for lice and mites in chickes for farmers keeping layers and local varieties. two days treatment for coccidiosis etc.
  • Animal Health The Animal Health division have products for large animals and poultry. Bytrade is more specialised in poultry, the poultry portfolio includes products like Enzymes, Acidifiers, Mycotoxin binders etc. which are new technology as far as poultry industry is concerned in Tanzania
  • Vegetables To compliment the different Agrochemicals Bytrade have different varieties of vegetable seeds
  • Training and Seminars The introduction of new technology goes in hand with training and seminars to impart knowledge to farmers and poultry keepers to get returns for the hardwork and efforts they put in improving their lives
vegetable seeds
NameImageKey Strength Plant CharacteristicsDesease Tolerance Download
They are very nice and productive variety with white, large and tasty veins. Vigorous and cold resistant plant.PRESENTATION:25gm, 50gm. DESCRIPTION: Swiss chard with big fleshy cards and ending with green foliage. Card could be conserving during enough long time. Rustic variety that be used in young plant.
Medium early size foliage. Narrow Oblong shape. Round shoulder shape. Regular and cylindrical root with nice red orange colour. Small core. 18-23 cm length. PRESENTATION: 25gm, 50gm, 100gm and 250gm, DESCRIPTION: Quite cylindrical form (18-20cm x 3cm), smooth root with a very nice color without green collar, the variety Nantes is very productive and
LETTUCE Great Lakes 118
Summer season, dark green color, good bolting tolerance, medium earliness, firm head and heat resistance,PRESENTATION:25gm, 50gm, 100gm. DESCRIPTION: Iceberg type lettuce, the variety Great Lakes 118 is famous for hot conditions climates.
OKRA Clemson Spineless
African plant for tropical climate with capsular fruits of 10 to 25cm long.PRESENTATION-25gm, 50gm, 100gm. DESCRIPTION- Plant with green rayed and pyramidal fruit, with a length of 10 to 15cm, fruits can be recommended for canning and fresh harvests.
Hybrid Anaheim type hot pepper. Medium green and red maturity. Firm, crunchy and quite thin flesh. Adapted for plastic glass tunnels.PRESENTATION-25gm. DESCRIPTION-Thin and long fruit (1 x 10 cm), the hot pepper Cayenne is becoming from green until red at maturity.
SWEET PEPPER California Wonder
Square shape, 12 to 14cm fruit length and width, high heat tolerancePRESENTATION-25gm, 50gm, 100gm. DESCRIPTION- Green and blocky fruit 10 x 10 cm, the pepper California Wonder is a strong and firm plant. Fruit becomes red at maturity.
WATER-MELON ( Crimson Sweet variety)
Medium late, Large elliptic shape, Medium red flesh color, 9 to 13kg weight, Resistant to F, High yield and good resistance to heat.PRESENTATION-25gm, 50gm, 100gm. DESCRIPTION- Resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt, with an elliptic form, the watermelon Crimson Sweet is very productive with nice fruits: from 8 to 10kg per fruit.
WATER-MELON ( Sugar Baby variety)
Early, Round shape, Red flesh color, 4 to 5kg weights, Resistance to F, Adapted to hot climates.PRESENTATION-25gm, 50gm, 100gm. DESCRIPTION -Early and very sweet variety, with round fruits and a red flesh, the watermelon Sugar Baby is very well adapted to hot climate conditions.
SQUASH Butternutt
Late variety with cream skin and yellow-orange fine fleshPRESENTATION-50gm. DESCRIPTION-Very famous for its pear shape and its yellow flesh, the squash Butternut is fleshy and productive.
ONION Red Creole
It is a very good onion. It can replace the Violent de Galmi. Short days type, circular shapePRESENTATION-25gm, 100gm, 250gm. DESCRIPTION-Excellent selection well adapted to growing conditions of Tanzania, the onion Red Creole is producing thick flat and firm bulbs. Purple red flesh, pungent.
TOMATO Cal J variety
Medium early, cylindrical shape, 60 to 70gm fruit weight, and Medium firmness, Resistant to V, F12, and Green collar: absent.PRESENTATION- 25gm. DESCRIPTION-Square elongated fruit of 60-70g, the tomato CAL J has a very good resistance to bad sanitary conditions. Cal J is the best tomato to produce under very high temperature conditions.
TOMATO Rio Grande variety
Medium early, Egg shape fruit, 70 to 80gm fruit weight, medium firmness, Resistant to V & F12, Very good variety for industry and fresh marketPESENTATION-25gm, 50gm. DESCRIPTION-Square elongated fruit of 70 to 80g, the tomato RIO GRANDE is the reference of tomatoes for open-field productions.
EGGP-LANT Black Beauty
Ovoid shape, dark purple, 12x15cm size, few spines, 400-450gm weights, very shining.PRESENTATION-25gm, 50gm DESCRIPTION-Ovoid shape, dark purple, 12x15cm size, few spines, 400-450gm weights, very shining.
CABBAGE Copenhagen Market
Early variety with dense and round head, Average weight 1.2 to 1.5 kg.PRESENTATION-25gm, 50gm, 100gm. DESCRIPTION-White cabbage with a dense and range head (1 to 1,5kg), the cabbage Copenhagen Market has a good leaf coverage.
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