• Cropscience Bytrade strives to be a reliable partner in ensuring increased agricultural productivity of healthier crops and better yield.
  • Field Visit and Demonstration Bytrade with our partners, is a company geared at making sure that the farmers are exposed to new and better ways of farming by carrying out demonstration of our Hybrid maize seeds (Pioneer) and different agrochemicals. During field days farmers witness and appreciate the differences in quality our products provide.
  • Poultry we have a good range of products, which includes products for lice and mites in chickes for farmers keeping layers and local varieties. two days treatment for coccidiosis etc.
  • Animal Health The Animal Health division have products for large animals and poultry. Bytrade is more specialised in poultry, the poultry portfolio includes products like Enzymes, Acidifiers, Mycotoxin binders etc. which are new technology as far as poultry industry is concerned in Tanzania
  • Vegetables To compliment the different Agrochemicals Bytrade have different varieties of vegetable seeds
  • Training and Seminars The introduction of new technology goes in hand with training and seminars to impart knowledge to farmers and poultry keepers to get returns for the hardwork and efforts they put in improving their lives

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality of Products

    We live up to the standards and expectations of Our Quality Policy.

  • Integrity

    We do the right thing for the right reason and always keep our promises.

  • Teamwork

    We work together to accomplish something greater than one could alone. We value and protect the safety of others. We make each other successful.

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Welcome to BYTRADE

Bytrade strives to be a reliable partner in ensuring increased agricultural productivity of healthier crops and animal products.

We focus in the supply of seeds, cost effective and efficient crop protection systems and animal health medicines and feed supplements. Our solutions give preference to environmental friendly approaches and proven technologies.

Corperate Social Responsibility

Corperate Social Responsibility

Bytrade understands that, like everything else, improper handling of pesticides can cause harm to the users and the environment. In order to help users and the environment Bytrade together with its fellow members through CropLife Tanzania has been investing in educating farmers and animal keepers on the safe use of pesticides.

  • Equipments

    Inter sprayers

    These sprayers are designed for quality, safety and comfort. They are ideal for outdoor application in gardens, vegetable patches or crops where one hand must be kept free.more

    Cifarelli mist blower

    Since 1967 backpack Cifarelli's mist blowers are the professional choice used for protection treatments on plants, orchards, vineyards, horticulture, banana plantations etc more

  • STIHL pole pruners

    STIHL pole pruners

    STIHL Pole Pruners are ideal for tree maintenance. The particularly quiet electric pole pruner is ideal for working close to houses. Thanks to their high torque, even thick branches can be cut effortlessly. more